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Spring into Ponds

A little time spent on your pond this spring will pay huge dividends later this summer. The pond and its associated flora and fauna, is reviving from a dormancy period. Over winter much, if not all, of the oxygen in the pond has been consumed and depleted. With ice melt, two important changes occur. Surface water mixes with the air on windy days to start re-oxygenating your pond. It could take some time for the oxygen to reach the deeper points, if at all. Without ice cover, sunlight can again penetrate deeper into the water column. Initially after the ice melt, the pond water can be crystal clear but after a few weeks of sunlight penetration, pond waters can turn to shades of green and brown.

There are a few important jobs a pond owner can initiate early in spring. Firstly, if you have an aerator re-install it. If you don’t have an aerator think of purchasing one, as it is the best single investment a pond owner can make. Maximizing the oxygen in your pond will help to oxidize many of the nutrient rich bottom sediments which can cause summer vegetative growth. An aerator distributes oxygen much more efficiently and effectively than the wind.

Take an hour or so and clean the perimeter of your pond of all those goodies (leaves, twigs, trash, etc.) that blew in last fall and winter. A pond net is a very useful tool in performing this task quickly and effectively. Trim back and remove dead cattails, bulrushes, etc. If there is a problem with submergent vegetation, early spring is the best time to apply the sunlight reflecting, environmentally friendly pond dye, TrueBlue. Late spring and summer applications of nutrient up-taking bacteria (BactaPur) will greatly help in utilizing the nutrients which feed the plant growth to alternative pathways, these pathways form the basis of the food chains in your pond. Combining these actions will lead to a healthier, more pleasing and useful pond, i.e. swimming, fishing etc..

If you have fish, feed them a little. Although fairly lethargic still, they’re probably quite hungry. Their metabolic rate is still rather low, as it is governed by the water temperature, so a little food will go a long way right now. Don’t over feed.

A pond like any other managed landscape feature (flower bed, garden) requires some input and TLC. The trick to keeping your pond healthy is to keep it in a state of balance. Once there, it is then pretty easy to maintain and take care of. Our firm helps clients to attain or regain this equilibrium for their ponds. We offer all the equipment and expertise necessary for you to do this, including the fish. We can provide pond owners a consultation service which instructs and advises them on methods for achieving a healthy, useful and aesthetically pleasing pond in an environmentally friendly manner.

Ask about our pond consultation service.


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