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We at Silver Creek advocate a natural approach to balancing a pond's ecosystem. Our approach utilizes pond colourant to inhibit plant growth, beneficial bacteria to uptake nutrients and aeration systems to provide necessary oxygen. Combining these measures properly greatly improves water quality. Surface aerators also ripple the water surface, reflecting and refracting significant amounts of sunlight - the energy source algae and weeds require.

We offer:

Consulting on:

  • Pond problems, algae, weeds, odours, dying fish
  • Pond designs and excavation, landscapes and waterfalls
  • Balancing of pond ecosystems
  • Removal of nuisance fish species
  • Permit assistance with MNR, conservation authorities and MOE

Initial pond consults start at $100 - distance travelled and time invested can increase this amount.

Sale of fish:

  • Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout, and Brown Trout
  • Bass, Minnows, Koi, Goldfish and Suckers in season

Sales of Equipment:

  • Windmills, electric aerators, fountains and air blowers
  • Pond dyes, beneficial bacteria
  • Pond liners, nets, pumps
  • Complete line of products for ornamental ponds, skimmers, biofilters/falls and aquascapes.

We raise our fish from the egg stage onwards and the products we endorse are farm tested. See them in operation before you buy. Our farm boasts a dozen ponds.

We offer a competitively priced, cost-effective on-site pond consultation with land owners to determine the pond's problems and ways to solve them effectively.

An annual maintenance program will pay huge dividends towards improving pond aesthetics.


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